Harmonica Sunset

Music for Enjoyment with Friends

Anton Mizerak: keyboards, harmonica and Tibetan bowls, tabla & vocals.

Micahel Mandrell: guitar Richard Hardy: soprano sax, pennywhistle Manose: bamboo flute Olof Söderbäck: 13 stringed viola

other voices: Anton, Natalie Gougeon, Theresa May, Tracy Rae Clark


a 57 minute eclectic blend of music featuring harmonica, tabla, guitar, synthesizers, soprano sax, bansuri, eleven stringed viola and Tibetan Bowls. This CD is a culmination of fourteen years of touring and features Anton Mizerak performing with his favorite touring partners.

Anton with his instruments on the deck of his new recording studio in Mount Shasta.

MP3 Downloads:

Rooster in the Henhouse Anton Mizerak: Harmonica; Richard Hardy: soprano sax; Daniel Paul: tabla and dunbek; Patrick Pape: digeridoo.

Watch Roosters in the Henhouse live perfoamance withi Homnath Upadhyaya 2010. Watch Blarney Pilgrim.

Bhupali Opening Anton Mizerak: harmonica, keyboards & Tibetan bowls; Olof Söderbäck: 13 stringed viola
Bhupali Opening

Harmonica Sunset - Starlight Anton Mizerak: harmonica, keyboards & Tibetan bowls; Manose: bamboo flute; Michael Mandrell: guitar.

Ye Dharma Anton Mizerak: harmonica, keyboards, percussion & vocals; Michael Mandrell: guitar; Richard Hardy: soprano sax; Craig Zwiok: cymbals; Theresa May: vocals; Natalie Gougeon: vocals. Watch Ye Dharma

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Nine years in the making, Harmonica Sunset features Anton's harmonica and tabla playing with his favortie tour partners since 1996. The recording of this CD was interrupted by the overwhelming response to "When Angels Dream". After recording Khotan and Rooster in the Henhouse, Anton focused on producing "When Angels Dream 2". Now that Harmonica Sunset is finally complete Anton has promised one more majestic meditation CD: "When Angels Dream 3". However, relaxation fans, check out Bhupali Opening on this CD. It is one of the best ten minute meditation pieces around.

Download 60 seconds of the original Harmonica Sunset from Anton's Pacific Rim CD.

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