Harmonica Sunset expands the horizons of the traditional harmonica repertoire to include Celtic music, Indian Ragas and world fusion.

"Anton Mizerak has been a special gift to the New Thought and New Age music scene for quite a while now. His pensive melodies are frequently the accompaniment of choice during meditation, yoga, and just being. Harmonica Sunset is for these activities as well as relaxing and having fun. Melt into a sunset, gazing at far-away vistas with the slow, dreamy strains of “Harmonica Sunset,” both versions: “Twilight” and “Starlight.” Skip to the fun, mischievous mystical melody of “Roosters in the Henhouse.” Mizerak melds the worlds with a harmonica reminiscent of Appalachia; the sounds of the Himalayas via Tibetan bowls along with Manose on the bansuri; the sounds of time before time from the didgeridoo; and Irish folkdancing with “Blarney Pilgrim.” The lyrical, lilting vocals bring us back to the present moment with clarity and intention. This will be a much-enjoyed, much-played CD in your library."
Ann Crawford, RScP, Assistant Editor for Science of Mind Magazine - A Guide for Spiritual Living

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