Anton Mizerak

is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who plays tabla, harmonica, synthesizers and piano. Anton is literate in Sanskrit, with an M.A. in the History of Religions. He has an intimate understanding of Asian spiritual and musical traditions which he utilizes to create music that enriches and enlivens the listener.

Anton lives and records in Mount Shasta, California, in a house and studio that he built himself. Anton's many recordings reflect his extensive travels, his love of the natural world, and his desire to impact the world in a positive way through music.

Anton has been performing on piano and harmonica since 1968. In 1988 he began studying tabla (classical Indian drums) in Kathmandu, Nepal, with Homnath Upadhyaya. Much of Anton's music reflects his cross-cultural musical experimentation, combining harmonica and synthesizers with traditional Asian melodic and percussive instruments.

top center - Anton & instruments in San Diego

top right - Anton & instrumentat new studio porch in Mount Shasta

left - Harmonica duet in Kathmandu

Manose, Anton, Homnath & Natalie

Anton tours regularly playing keyboards, harmonica and tabla. Anton plays festivals, new age events, new thought churches including Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity and ANTN, yoga studios and private parties. Since 2020 has been a music coordinator at the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley. To book Anton in your area, contact anton@shastasong.com. To find out when Anton is playing in your area, go to Tour Schedule.

Anton's tour partners include:

Laura Berryhill: singer who firsts toured with Anton in 1997. Since 2010 Laura and Anton played up to 200 performances per year together. They are music directors at an annual Spiritual Living Retreat at Asilomar. Since 2020 they are the music coordinators at the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley in Medford, Oregon and staff musicians at Unity Church in Redding, California. Laura sings on When Angels Dream 2 and on When Angels Dream 3.

Manose: bamboo flautist from Kathmandu, Nepal, winner of the 1995 radio Nepal instrumentalist of the year award.
Manose plays bansuri on When Angels Dream, When Angels Dream 2, When Angels Dream 3 and Harmonica Sunset.

Michael Mandrell: open-tuning style guitarist who infuses his original melodies with Indian scales and a Celtic lilt. Michael plays guitar on When Angels Dream 3 and Harmonica Sunset.

Corbin Keep: Canadian "wild man" cellist who plays on When Angels Dream 3.

Richard Hardy: flutes, pennywhistle and soprano sax player who performed and recorded with Carol King for fourteen years. Richard plays on Desert Bloom and Harmonica Sunset.

Olof Soderback: accordian and fiddle player, born in Sweden, who enchants audiences with his vast repetoire of European and Indian folk music. Olof plays eleven-stringed viola on Harmonica Sunset.

Kim Lorene: Canadian singer-songwriter with an angelic voice whose deeply moving compostions leave the listener uplifted and inspired.

Natalie: singer and flautist. As an ayurvedic practitioner, Natalie has created a chart to identify one's dosha. Natalie sings on Harmonica Sunset.

Theresa May: singer/songwriter (& great massage therapist) who has toured with Anton since 1999. Theresa sings on Harmonica Sunset.

Gary Cooper: guitarist, flautist, singer-songwriter who writes and sings transformational songs about the spiritual journey that we are all undertaking. Gary plays guitar on Pacific Rim, When Angels Dream and When Angels Dream 2.

David Akash: bansuri player for many decades who studied with GS Sachdev. David plays bansuri on Pacific Rim and When Angels Dream.

Tracey Rae Clark: singer/songwriter who has toured with Anton since 2006. Tracey Rae sings on Harmonica Sunset.

Watch videos of Anton's live performances:
Watch Roosters in the Henhouse with Homnath Upadhyaya 2010 Watch Radhe Radhe 2011 Watch Ocean of Bilss Watch Blarney Pilgrim Watch Tara Mantra 2011 Watch Shiva Shambho 2011 Watch The Mermaid's Song 2011 Watch Iberian Nocture 2010

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