Natalie Gougeon

Ayurvedic Principles Guide

Natalie is a student of Life, traveling the world, discovering Health and Growth teachings, applying and sharing them. One result of her cumulative study and research is her Ayurvedic Principles Chart. This laminated and illustrated guide allows the user to explore their own nature, health and spiritual potential through the wisdom of thousands of years of applied health care, in the tradition of India and the Himalayas. This understanding and knowledge can be increased and developed with consultations and guidance from Natalie, in person and online, at: . Treatments and massage can also be scheduled in her Mt Shasta home, or on tour.

Natalie has been touring with Anton since 1998 singing, playing flute, chanting and playing Tibetan bowls on the Tara Mantra, an audience participatory chant invoking universal compassion into all sentient creatures.

Natalie's Ayurvedic Principles Guide is available from Shastasong for $6.95

Natalie's Ayurvedic site link: Ayurvedicare.

contact Natalie:

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