Manose 2000 in Mount Shasta


Born to a family of traders and shopkeepers, Nepali native Manose found himself drawn to the bamboo flute as a young boy. His fascination with the rich sound of this instrument quickly developed into true devotion; by the age of seventeen he was already deep into the demanding study of classical South Asian music and had begun to take on students of his own. He is considered one of the most noteworthy new faces on the world music scene, and his talent as a solo performer, as well as his versatility in a variety of genres, has carried him through Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Manose is widely recognized as the Nepal's premiere flautist, is the recipient of national awards including instrumentalist of the year, and appears regularly on Nepali T.V. and radio. He has been a music teacher for the University of Wisconsin's College Year in Nepal program, and Naropa Institute's Nepal program since 1995. He has also tought at the Lark in the Morning music camp in Mendocino for many years.

Recording on Anton's new Harmonica Sunset CD 2009.

Manose and Anton Mizerak have been recording and touring together since 1997. Their CD series When Angels Dream has been a top seller with massage therapists ans healers. Manose has also tours with Peter Rowan, with Nepal's top pop band, 1974AD, Jeffrey Gordon, Jai Uttal and Deva Premal.

Manose is featured on all CDs in the "When Angels Dream " series and on two pieces on Anton's Harmonica Sunset CD: "Harmonica Sunset - Starlight" and "Autumn Rains". With his extensive body of recordings and his amazing touring schedule he has become one of the most sought after bansuri players alive today.

Dhyana Aman

Meditation on No Mind


Eternal Chant. Choying Drolma: Chant.

Tengboche Monastery Manose: bamboo flutes.

Steeped in the sacred traditions of the Himalayas, this CD is ideal for meditation, massage, and all types of healing arts. This powerful musical vehicle features exquisite bamboo flute, authentic Tibetan chanting by guest artist Buddhist nun Ani Choying Drolma, and hypnotic singing bowls.

"Sure to be used again and again, opening new spiritual vistas each time."NAPRA Review


solo bamboo flute


Rag Jog Manose: bamboo flutes.

Rag Bhageshri Manose: bamboo flutes.

Suskera stands out in its genre for its refreshing authenticity and musical sophistication. Offering three mesmerizing pieces for solo bamboo flute, each based on a different Indian scale, it leads the listener deeper into a mood of serenity. From the first note, you will feel a transformation as the mind quiets down, and the spirit stands up to listen. NAPRA Review reports that the flute of Nepalese virtuoso Manose "invites the mind to open, flower, and be steeped in spirit."

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