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Download Joy!
Download Tara Chant
Download of Iberian Nocture from Michael's CD "The Great Spiral Dance".

from left to right:
Jessica Speckart - daughter of Bill Speckart
Bill Speckart (bass) and Don Wardlaw (rhythm guitar)
from the J. A. Mizerak Blues Band 1968-1970)
Anton Mizerak
Manose Newa - Anton's tour partner 1999-2004
Tsering Speckar - wife of Bill Speckart


Download Tabla Demonstration. 10/24/06
Watch Roosters in the Henhouse with Homnath Upadhyaya 2010
Watch Radhe Radhe 2011
Watch Ocean of Bilss
Watch Blarney Pilgrim
Download Taladh Chriosda.
Download Carolans Welcome.
Download Radhe Seattle CSL 6/5/11
Download How Could Anyone 1/28/12
Watch Tara Mantra 2011
Watch Shiva Shambho 2011
Watch The Mermaid's Song 2011
Watch Morning Has Broken
Download Bhagavandude from live concert in Coeur d'Alene 10/22/2006
Download Ye Dharma Seattle CSL 6/5/11
Watch Iberian Nocture 2010

50 years of tour partners



Anton solo

Anton and Laura Berryhill

Anton and Michael Mandrell

Download Wind on the Prairie MP3 (5.6 megs) 1999 Thursday night Wesak Concert at Saint Barnabas

Anton Mizerak and Manose have been touring together since 1998. Download Joy! in MP3 format. (3.7 megs) Download Tara Chant from 2004 Seattle Sacred World Music Festival. Click here for a detailed explanation of the Tara Mantra
Anton Mizerak leads chanting from around the world at his concerts. From a Helena Montana concert with Michael Mandrell and Tracy Rae Download Radhe Radhe in MP3 format. (2.8 megs) 10/24/06
Anton Mizerak and Laura Berry hilll tour southern California and Arizona everyspring. They are occasionally joined at specific concerts by Machael Mandrellor Manose Newa. Download Opening Piece from "When Angels Dream 3" with Anton, Manose,Micheal and Corbin Keep.

Listen to an 90 minute radio interview with Anton by Andrew Aloha.

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  • Watch Tara Mantra with Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill from Living Water Unity in Arvada, Colorada October 2010.
    Watch Shiva Shambho with Anton Mizerak, Laura Berryhill and Michael Mandrell from Shasta Yoga Studio 2010.
  • Watch Ye Dharma with Anton Mizerak, Laura Berryhill and Michael Mandrell from Seattle CSL 2011.
    Watch Tree of Life with Anton Mizerak, Human, Jeff Pevar and Maesyn from Ashland 2012