Tara Mantra

Om Tare Tare Tut Tare Ture Soha - Tibetan form of the Sanskrit Mantra invoking universal compassion:

Om Tare Tare Tut Tare Ture Soha (Svaha)

Om: All good Sanskrit Mantras begin with Om

Tare: vocative or invoking form of Tara, the feminine principle of universal compassion

Tut and Ture: bija or seed syllables used to activate our latent subtle energy centers of compassion

Soha: Tibetan pronounciationof the Sanskrit svaha which many Sanskrit mantras end with.

Top left image Green Tara from Naljor's Heart of Dharma Collection

Left image White Tara by Robert Beer

The chanting of the Tara Mantra is part of an esoteric Buddhist practice of utpattikrama. Here the pratitioner dissolves the mundane universe into the void or Shunyata which is the emptiness of all self-projected reality that is the inherent pure nature of all things. From this place of cosmic creation the practitioner recreates his or her universe as the mandala of Tara - the feminine aspect of Universal Compassion that sees perfection in all things and all situations. The practitioner generates himself or herself as Tara with the help of the bija or seed syllables Tut and Ture which are the primordial seeds of compassion stored within our subtle energy bodies. For a more detailed understanding of utpattikrama please reference The Cult of Tara Magic and Ritual in Tibet by Stephan Beyer.

Download Tara Chant from 2004 Seattle Sacred World Music Festival Listen to Tara Mantra from Unwind CD.

Watch Tara Mantra with Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill from Living Water Unity in Arvada, Colorada October 2010.

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