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gTongLen Meditation with Music: a Buddhist priactice of transformation by visualizing the taking in of all of the suffering in the world and then breathing out love and compassion. Facilitated by Rev. Kimberly Hawkins from the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley with musical accompaniment by Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill. Recorded April 6, 2020. Time: 18:49.
"Thank You for Being in the World" is a musical video about a song that I heard in a dream that included everyone who had ever been to one of my concerts. The video explains how we enter a special world in our dreams and some of the rules of that dreamtime. The second part of the video is a live performance of that song. You are all invited to participate in the song with Laura Berryhill and me (Anton Mizerak). Live music recording March 22, 2020. This is the extended video with explanation and world photos. Time: 5:18.
"Thank You for Being in the World" is a musical video about a song that I heard in a dream that included everyone who had ever been to one of my concerts. Music and words by Anton Mizerak. Recored live at the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley on April 18, 2021. Anton Mizerak keyboards and vocals; Laura Berryhill penny whistle and vocals. This video is the song only. Time: 3:08.
"Ye Dharma" These words are a summary of the teachings of the Buddha. Ye dharma - these teachings; hetu prabhava - on the causal nexus of everything that happens to us; hetum tesham - this understanding of causality; tathagato hyavadat - the enlightened one has taught. Tesham ca - And on this endless chain of causality; yo nirodha - how to break the chain or stop the endless cycle of addictive behavior; evam vadi - concisely spoken; maha shramana - by the great monk (the buddha). Time: 2:16.
"Loka Samasta" performed by Anton Mizerak on keyboards and vocals and Laura Berryhill on penny whistle, manjira and vocals on Noverber 21, 2021 at the Center for Spiritual Living Rogue Valley. The words are a traditional Sanskrit mantra invoking blessings into the entire universe, music composed by Anton Mizerak. Lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu - Lokā - in all the worlds - ie. bhū - the earth, bhuva - the world of the clouds, svaha - the heavenly realms including the sun, moon, planets and stars, samastā - in all directions, sukhino filled with happiness, bhavantu let there be! Time: 2:59.
"Harmonica Sunset" This live recording was made at the Rogue Valley Center for Spiritual Living in 2020. Anton Mizerak plays harmonica and Laura Beryhill plays Tibetan Bowls. The first studio recording was released on Anton Mizerak's CD "Pacific Rim". Time: 2:31.
"Mountain Meadow Meditation". Inspired by the high alpine meadows and wildflowers of Mount Shasta where Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill live. Especially the spring near the headwaters of Cold Creek on the east side of Mount Shasta with its lupines and monkey flowers and the mountain anemone between Panther Meadows and South Gate Meadows. In the 1980s there were gatherings of mountain-loving campers at the August full moon with nighttime campfires and musical sharings. Time: 2:55.
"Tara Mantra". The chanting of the Tara Mantra is part of an esoteric Buddhist practice of utpattikrama. Recreating the universe as a mandala of Universal Compassion. Tara is seen as the embodiment of that compassion which sees perfection in all things and all situations. The practitioner generates himself or herself as Tara with the help of the bija or seed syllables Tut and Ture which are the primordial seeds of compassion stored within our subtle energy bodies. For a more detailed understanding of utpattikrama please reference The Cult of Tara Magic and Ritual in Tibet by Stephan Beyer. This newer version was recorded on August 29, 2021 at the Center for Spiritual Living Rouge Valley. Time: 4:30.


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