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"Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns sung to the original melody with which it was published. Laura Berryhill and Anton Mizerak at 7700 feet in Avalanche Gulch just below Horse Camp. Recorded just before sunset around 4PM on New Years Eve of 2021. Video by Robert Webb who is also the caretaker for the Samoyed. At the very end of the video there is a group of trees making a line on the right side of Avalanche Gulch. In 1975 I read the entire Diamond Sutra (Vajracchedika Prajnaparamita) over the course of a summer at the base of one of those trees. Time: 0:38.
"Blarney Pilgrim" a traditional Irish folk tune recorded on my land on March 10, 2022 with Michael Mandrell on guitar, Laura Berryhill on Bodhran, and Anton Mizerak on Harmonica. Michael and I have been playing this tune for almost twenty years together. Laura and I for over twelve years together. 0:37
"Roosters in the Henhouse" composed by Anton Mizerak and recorded on the CD Harmonica Sunset. This version was recorded by Jade Webb in February 2022 on a volcanic dyke outcropping on the east side of Spring Hill. overlooking my house and recording studio and Mount Shasta. Anton Mizerak on harmonica and Laura Berryhill on manjira. Time 0:50.


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