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For Creative Inspiration

Pacific Rim is a musical odyssey spanning both sides of the Pacific and beyond. It blends western jazz, New Age and blues with folk traditions from Japan, China, and the Himalayas.

For Stress Reduction and Spiritual Practice

Unwind induces a state of relaxation and upliftment; it includes two chants to more deeply ground our own spiritual nature into our everyday lives.

For Celebration

Desert Bloom is a collaboration between Chuck Wilson, Karl Joseph and Anton Mizerak created with the intention of inspiring love, compassion and creativity to blossom forth in your heart and in your life.

For Deep Relaxation, Meditation and Massage

When Angels Dream creates an ambiance conducive to deep relaxation and meditation which allows the listener to totally surrender to their own inner healing power. Used by thousands of massage therapists, this is the original in a series.

For Even Deeper Relaxation, Meditation, Massage and Dreamtime

When Angels Dream 2 has been four years in the making. It is 62 minutes of seemless music featuring bamboo flute, esraj, voice, Tibetan bowls, synthesizers and harmonica. Deep enough to send you to another realm, yet magical enough to give you kundalini rushes.

For Enjoyment with Friends
Harmonica Sunset features Anton's harmonica, tabla, keyboard and Tibetan bowls along with excellent guitar, bamboo flute, soprano sax and violin performances. This CD also includes two inspirational Sanskrit chants
Anton's latest meditation / healing CD

When Angels Dream 3 features Anton on synthesizers, piano, Tibetan bowls, ambient harmonica and background vocals; Laura Berryhill on background vocals; Manose Newa on majestic bamboo flute; Corbin Keep on cello; Michael Mandrell on guitar. "This is an incredible work of art."

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Anton's older recordings on Narada Record's subsidiary label Antiquity Records are presently out of print. They include:
Riddle of the Sphinx is a collaboration with space-music composer Michel Genest that evokes vibrant and sensuous imagery from ancientEgypt and Greece.
Mystic Journey weaves fascinating melodies with exotic rhythmic patterns. It was inspired by Anton's travels in the Himalayas and on the Silk Route.
Angels in our Midst is a collaboration with space-music composer Michel Genest consisting of music from Riddle of the Sphinx, Crystal Fantasy and Ascension


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