Pacific Rim

Anton Mizerak: keyboards, harmonica, Tibetan bowls and tabla.

Rick Garrett, Chuck Wilson, Gary Cooper, Karl Joseph: guitars.

Vanessa K Bloodsworth and Kevin Setchko: silver flutes.

Kevin Glover, Nick tanner: bass.

David Akash: bamboo flute on Blues at the Ganges.

Marty Fried, Aroshn: vocals.

John Brock: drums.

Paul Grant: santoor.

Zhoa Hui: zheng.

MP3 Downloads:

Blues at the Ganges Anton Mizerak: keyboards & harmonica; Chuck Wilson: guitar. David Akash: bambo flute.

Just the Way It Is Anton Mizerak: keyboards; Vanessa K Bloodsworth: flute; Rick Garrett: guitar; Matthew Montfort: midi guitar; Kevin Glover: bass; Lon Wallace: congas; John Brock: drums.

Harmonica Sunset Anton Mizerak: keyboards & harmonica.

Harmonica Sunset has been rerecorded twice in 2010 as duets with Richard Hardy and Manose on Anton's Hamonica Sunset CD: Go to Harmonica Sunset page.

"Anton and friends are back with another gorgeous collection of soothing music specifically designed to help you relax into the full potential of your empowered self. ...Tara Mantra is one of my favorite tracks ever..." Steve Ryals - New Age Retailer

"This gift of relaxation from majestic Mount Shasta, California, presents eight songs from three of this vortex region's most popular performing artists. This area has served as a focal point for musicians who wish tPJ Birosik - New Age Retailer

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Available in both CD and cassette.