Music and Mythology: Purpose and Action ont size="+1" ht="1">umble along our Coyote goes to Mount Shasta on a Vision Quest: even if we sometimes bumble along our spiritual path our inner sincerityerityThe Celtic Mermaid story: a classic illustration of the three phases of personal transformation -disruption, 2 and New Beginnings.

The Tara Sadhana: a practice which Tibetan Lamas do before giving the Tara initation of dissolving the univer to a point of ight and recreating it as a three dimensional mandala of universal compassion.

Music and Mythology talks

Anton Mizerak studied History of Religions from the phenomonological approach, receiving an MA from UCLA under the tutelage of Kees Bolle. During his studies at UCLA he attended syposiums with Mircea Elliade and Joseph Campbell.

Laura Berryhill holds an MA in Music History from the University of Oregon. The two of them have given hundreds of transformation healing music events throughout the western states and at their own performance venue in Mount Shasta for the past four years.

Music and Mythology: Stories of Transformation

Our talk features stories from three mythological traditions - Native American, Celtic and Tibetan Buddhist. Through these stories we examine three different types of transformation and some various stages that present in most transformative experiences.
We begin with a Native American story: Coyote goes to Mount Shasta on a Vision Quest. As with some of us, coyote starts his spiritual journey for dubious; reasons, but the experience of loosing oneself to that journey eventually sets coyote striaght and in the end he gets the spiritual goods.
Laura explores the journey of a Celtic mermaid who is betrayed, cast out from the world of humans and forced to find a deeper identity on her own. Her journey, and the Scottish Galic song that accompanies this story, clearly mirror the three stages of transformation: disruption, uncertainty and reimagination.
We conclude with a spiritual meditation practice from Tibet, which is done by Lamas before they give a Tara initiation, of dissolving he universe to a point of light and then recreating it as a three dimensional mandala of universal compassion.
We have given this first talk at the following centers. Please feel free to contact ministers or board members for references. Unity churches in Stockton, Sacramento (SLC), Nevada City, San Francisco (19th and Ocean), Davis, Brentwood, Eureka, Redding, Carson City, Grants Pass, Bandon, Portland and Tacoma; Centers for Spiritual Living in Roseburg, Medford, Davis, Placerville, Auburn, Chico, Paradise, Freemont, San Clemente, Claremont, Apple Valley, Seal Beach, Menifee, Palm Springs and Las Vegas; Unitarian Fellowships in Grants Pass, Redding, Chico and Napa; and the New Thought Center of Hawaii in Kealakekua.
There areseveral versions of this talk posted on youtube. Here is one of them:
Music and Mythology: Purpose and Action
Myths that explain the world’s origins and myths about incredible world-transforming events seem to address concerns far beyond the immediate and personal. Intriguingly as we unlock their powerful and mysterious layers we that such transpersonal myths can help us find our own way to our life’s meaning and discover how to take action. Join Anton and Laura for a presentation of world-transforming myths shared through storytelling, music, and insightful analysis as we reflect upon our own deepest place and purpose in the world.
Music and Mythology: Recognizing Love
The presence of love can take many forms in our lives, and we can choose to unlock its power. Using stories, speech, and song, Anton and Laura explore ways in which we may recognize and access this creative force for greater good.

“Lots of chatter following your service and concert with appreciation for the beauty and depth of your stories, mythology and music. We hope to see you again soon.” board president of Unity in Davis

Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful music and inspiring talk. We had 5 new people who had never been to Unity and were very impressed with the service, what a wonderful introduction to Unity. We are so blessed to consider you as part of our family. The service recording is on our website

To book Anton and Laura for a music and mythology talk:

by emailing or by phone: 530-926-3740. 530-356-7386 cel

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