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Thank You for Being in the World

Anton Mizerak: keyboards, tabla, harmonica and vocals

Laura Berryhill: vocals and penny whistle

Michael Mandrel: guitar

Alyssa Narum: harmony vocals

Prabhuraj Dhakal: classical Indian vocal

listen to:Thank You for Being in the World
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download:Thank You for Being in the World
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This download is by donation

For over 25 years, I have played almost all of my events on a donation basis. We never turned anyone away. So that is how I am releasing my new music. Please enjoy. They are copywrited but they are not copy protected. You can share them with as many friends as you like.

Should you want to donate something, my venmo is:

my paypal is:

I heard this music in a dream. The story and live performance videos are listed below.

Thank You for Being in the World (extended version with the story of the song)
ThankYou for Being in the World (shorter version)

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