When Angels Deam is a top selling CD among healers and massage Therapists.

It is a top seller at spas such as Gurney's Inn and the Greenbrier and also at Biotone, one of the largest on line health care web sites.

"Thanks for the great CD When Angels Dream. I use it constantly when I read or present inspirational affirmations. In my classes, this CD makes it so easy for the people to go deeper in their meditation." Judith Conrad, KEST 1450am San Francisco CA.

"I've been a body worker for 9 years. When Angels Dream is in my top ten list of CDs. It works magic with people." Joy Taylor, massage therapist.

"I am a licensed Unity teacher and I use your music during meditation in the classes I teach. It is so soothing and beautiful." Margaret Stein

"I am a massage therapist and have been playing New Age music for my clients for 10 years. Your When Angels Dream is an ideal for massage therapy. Its healing effect is experienced by both the therapist and client, and healing becomes a mutual experience on a very high realm." Walter Schweiger

"This CD is great meditative music based on two classical Indian ragas. Bamboo flute, synthesizers, Tibean bowls and guitar create the sound that is conducive to deep relaxation, healing, massage and meditation. Heidi, in our office, highly recommended it and uses the music in her healing work. She says that she is very particular about the music she uses." Steve Hays - Light Connection

"I've been giving massages for what seems like all of my life. My main emphasis is with those that are ill, injured, frail or dying. My recent discovery of Anton Mizerak's When Angels Dream has been a blessing. The sound and soul of the music seems to fill a deep place in everyone's heart." Cindra Kellogg LMT

"What is inspiration and where does it come from? For many it comes from music, and for many music is a conduit of the spiritual. When Angels Dream could be considered as close to spiritual music as one can get without stepping into a house of the holy. Anton Mizerak, Gary Cooper, Manose and David Akash have created an hour of deeply relaxing instrumental music based on Indian ragas. The CD is especially good for meditation, massage and healing." New York Freespirit

"Composer and multi-instrumentalist Mizerak bases these soothing keyboard sounds on classical Indian ragas for healing, massage, and meditation. Bamboo flutes by David Akash and Manose Singh (a Radio Nepal "instrumentalist of the year") beautifully supplemant a calming tonal atmosphere. Graceful guitar and Tibetan bowls gently decorate an ever-delicate sonic panorama. Seamlessly presented, and sounding more New Age than Indian, are extended versions of Mizerak's two favorite ragas ("Yaman Kalyan" and Charukeshi"). These adaptations (each around 25 minutes in length) have been found useful for relaxation, massage, meditation, and guided visualizations. Not only did I relax instantly into these tones, I did not want this serene sono-sphere to ever end." SM Napra Review

"It's hard for me to use words to convey the light, beauty, and spirit I experience through your music. Thank you. Listening to When Angels Dream, I can see the light and feel the loving embrace and soothing gentle caress of Angels' wings surrounding me, opening my heart and uplifting my spirit. It is impossible to hold any tension in my body or consciousness while listening to this music. This music is so beautiful, it touches that part within that knows the Divine. Its soft, gentle, opening, soothing, relaxing, and freeing movement is a powerful attunement to the place inside that is light, love, peace, and healing.," Jeanne Cheng

"When Angels Dream is a powerhouse. It is both soothing and uplifting. When auditioning it in our store to hear if we liked it, customers immediately requested it. We had to stop playing it until we could get some sales copies." Jan Ross Jan Ross Gifts.

"This powerful music gently reminds your body and mind to relax. It is the perfect antidote to stress. All you have to do is listen. Your shoulders descend from your earlobes and your mind clears. Use it!" Rhoberta Shaler from OptimizeLifeNow.com

"I got your CD a couple of weeks ago. I want you to know how much my partner and I have enjoyed it. We use it for meditation and massage, and it is great. It is some of the most relaxiing music I've heard." JG - Tacoma

I want to tell you how much I am enjoying your "When Angels Dream" CD.  I play it almost every day; it has become the background music for my daily life.  It's great for reading, writing, computer time, meal time, or anything else.  I've told dozens of people about your great music and I'm sure some have already bought your CDs based on my recommendation.
About an hour ago, it occurred to me that my life has improved emotionally and spiritually the past six weeks since I started listening to your music.  Your music is very soothing and healing and a meditation all on its own.  I believe I am reaching the theta brain wave state when I listen to it, so that explains one of the reasons it makes me feel better. VJ Sacramento

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