When Angels Deam II is also a top selling CD among healers and massage Therapists.

Here are some early reviews of Wnen Angels Dream II.

“As I listen to “When Angels Dream 2” my entire bieng shifts into an awareness of Angelic Realms which soothes and nurtures my soul. This then reminds me of thetrue nature of existance and a life free of struggle and distress. A must have CD for those seeking inner peace and higher consciousness.”
Laurel G LMT

“Excellent music for healing, massage and meditation. Whan Angels Dream Volume 2 is an incredible CD.” James Walker - The Enchanted Forest

“When I am doing bodywork sessions I love to play When Angels Dream Volume 2. Its soothing melodies and vocalizations, along with its energizing rhythms help support the healing space.” Joseph Heller - Founder of Hellerworks

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