Group Photo Gallery

If you would like to be part of our photo gallery, join us for our Tuesday night concert series, or book a special event with your group. Our studio seats twenty-five guests. Private concerts for more than five people can be booked by emailing or by phone: 530-926-3740.
"There is so much that one enjoys during these concerts - the various instruments add such interesting tones/sounds - it is amazing and incredibly wonderful to be present when all of these songs, stories, and sounds come together to create a place of such a tremendously peaceful environment." Marty from Claremont, CA

A wonderful Tuesday night group with participants from Japan and Israel watching a magnificant sunset. The magnificant sunset looking northwest from our events studio.
Visitors from Malaysia and Singapore. A special birthday party concert for a group from Tokyo.
A very special tour group from Brazil. Visitors from Finland.
Closing ceremony. Visitors from Latin America.
Visitors from Hokkaido. Visitors from Hokkaido come back every year.
Visitors from Japan A group led by our friend Asara
From I-5 exit at 738 (Lake Street) and head east. Stay on Lake Street for 2 miles.

The street name will change to Everett Memorial Highway.

After passing Mount Shasta High School and the railroad tracks, turn left on Ski Village Drive.

Turn right on Vista.

Turn left on Red Bud Drive.

At the 4th drive way turn right (200 meters from Vista).

The concerts are upstairs at the Shastasong Events Studio.

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