Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill will join Covina CSL leader Rev. Kristina Collins and many other new thought leaders for a spiritual retreat at Asilomar from Sunday evening August 7 through Friday at noon on August 12, 2022. Anton has been a featured musician and workshop presenter at many Center for Spiritual Living and Unity gatherings since 2000 and was the recipient of the 2009 Hazel Holmes award for keeping the spirit of Asilomar alive. Anton, Laura and Kristina will be presenting their next two-and-a-half-hour music and spiritual readings event on Wednesday, August 10 at 9:30AM in Fred Farr Forum. Day passes are availbe at the door. Individual sessions are $30.

Centers for Spiritual Living ans Unity Churches have been holding gatherings at Asilomar for over 50 years. In 2014 the organiztion running Asilomar required a retainer fee that was impossible for these organiztions to meet so they stopped having their annual gatherings there. A few staunch Asilomar attendees and ministers decided to have a scaled down retreat that meets in one room for the entire conference. This smaller retreat did not need the retainer fee and is much more economical for attendees. This retreat is focused on spiritual growth and is open to all seekers irrespective of organizational affiliations. In 2014 this retreat started out in a small building with about 25 attendees. In 2016 it was moved to Heather and in 2017 to Fred Farr Forum where it now resides.


Ocean near Asilomar 2012 music team from left: Michael Gott, Jami Lula, Eddie Watkins Junior, Karen Drucker, Lisa Ferrera, ??. Melissa Philippe, ??, Anton Mizerak

2021 music team 2021 music team 2021 music team

Anton, Laura, Jami

Manose, Anton, Laura, Jami

Karen, Anton, Laura, Jami

The 2021 Asilomar retreat was Covid safe. We had 55 full time participants. Over 90% were vaccinated. We all wore masks for the workshohp except for the presenters and musicians while they were presenting or performing. We had incredible ventilation at Fred Farr Forum. We ate together, unmasked in the Asilomar dining hall. We were careful because we all care about each other.

Our gathering engages the whole person, combining heart-felt workshops with intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness, along with activities to engage our somatic senses such as tai-chi and yoga.

If you feel drawn to join us next year for this amazing 6-day retreat go to Asilomar Gathering info. Retreat registration and housing are priced separately to make the event as affordable as possible. Housing on the beautiful Asilomar grounds includes all meals. Locals or those staying off-grounds can purchase individual meal passes. Retreat single-session or day passes are also available.

If you have any questions about this reatreat you can contact Rev Kris Collons:; Anton MIzerak:; or Laura Berryhill: Namaste!!!


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